How To Order

1.Register On-Line or Shopping as a guest

a) Register On-Line

First thing you have to do is register on-line. Here we will ask the usual information like Name, address, telephone and email details. You will also be asked to create a password.

For customers who were using our previous website we ask you to set up a new account. For security purposes, and privacy for existing customers no information from the older website was carried over.

Please note for ordering purposes please ensure that your home address is the address your credit card details are registered to. No details are passed on to any other source.

After you have registered the rest should be simple and easy. Just find the product you want, click the add button and the goods will go to “Shopping Cart”.

b) Shopping as a guest

If you don’t like to register, it doesn’t matter, you can shop on our website as a guest. But you still need to fill out the same form as registering. We will not store any information of you if you choose the guest role, but the most inconvenient thing is that if you come back to our website next time, you have to fill out the form again. And the worse thing is that you can’t check the order you had placed if you don’t register on our website. So we strongly recommend you to shopping as a registered user.

In “Your Shopping Cart”:

Here you can see the products you have ordered, amend quantity, or delete items.

All items in the basket have a link that will take you back to the product page if you want to check you have ordered the right thing, or you can view an image by clicking the view icon.

Confirm your order by clicking on the “Checkout” button, and you will be taken to the delivery information page.

Delivery Information Page:

All users should have registered with their home address* which can be seen in the drop down box. If you wish your order to be sent to a different delivery address, just click “Add New Address” in the drop down box.

After selecting the address you wish your order to be sent to click submit and you will be directed the Shopping Basket Summary.

*Please remember that your home address should be the address your credit card details are registered to.

Shopping Basket Summary:

Here you will find the final page before placing your order and going to the secure web server for card payment processing. On this page:

You will see all the items you have ordered and the cost of the items.

The page also has any postage costs depending on the goods total or what part of the world you are ordering from.

And at the bottom you will see the total cost of your order.

The page also has buttons to allow customers to edit cart, change your details or continue shopping.

If everything looks good then hit “SUBMIT” to enter the payment page.

Secure Payment Details

When you are ready to complete your order you will be taken to a secure https address.

Please fill in all fields necessary fields and click the “Complete Order” button.

If your order was successful you will be taken to a notification page and given a unique order number, which will also be sent to you by email.

Remember no credit card details are kept with Geoffrey Butler Cycles,